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Off Road Tuning Service

Off-Road Vehicle Modified

What is off road tuning? We can answer the question as modifying your off-road vehicle with off-road accessory products used for accommodation or storage purposes, such as performance reinforcement exterior off-road equipment that you can use on your 4×4 vehicle, and on -board tents that you can use in the interior and camping areas. By purchasing a standard 4×4 vehicle, you can quickly make your vehicle look like a modified off-road vehicle when viewed from the outside, with off-road fender pads, hood relief and side door protection coatings, and exterior off-road products that you can use by simply sticking them with silicone and that you can easily install. Regardless of your vehicle’s traction system, 4×4 or 4×2, you will attract the attention of everyone on the street while adding power to your vehicle with off road equipment that you can apply. You can immediately get the opportunity to apply the exterior off-road equipment products and the installation of rock sliders (mourning step and rock slider) to off-road equipment and snorkel-mounted vehicles for free by ordering the parts from offroad.ist. You can instantly contact the sellers via WhatsApp with Offroad.ist Assurance by clicking on the WhatsApp icons in each ad for your pre-order requests, such as adding a bottom protection, a customized ceiling basket, drilling the hood according to the template for the snorkel, and combining it with the connections that allow the inner engine to breathe. Without the need to register, you can immediately send your questions about the product you are looking for to the best off road equipment manufacturers in Turkey via whatsapp, and you can order online with 14 days unconditional return guarantee. In short, off road tunning means modification to off road vehicles, and it is formed by the application of the above-mentioned front equipment reinforcements to your vehicle.

Normally, tunning vehicles that have technically changed their vehicles and circulating in traffic must have their changes approved. It is very difficult for off road vehicles to get technical approval in a modified state, so they are used for races in our country before they go to traffic. But front and rear protection equipment such as iron bumper, roof basket, vehicle storage equipment that you mount on the upper part of your vehicle, body closing cabins, glazed cabins, fullbox covers, roll-back sliding system luggage cover products applied to all vehicles in the pick-up and pickup group. It does not pose any problem in the inspections carried out at TUVTURK vehicle inspection stations.

Off Road Tuning Services

Off road tuning is more practiced in Istanbul. There are many companies in Istanbul that can perform the tuning process.

One of them is Fırat Tuning off-road vehicle tuning (modification) service. Located in Ümraniye, Istanbul, the company has been providing assembly services for all kinds of 4×4 and pickup terrain vehicles in the production and sales of 4×4 equipment since 2005. In addition, another important field of activity is to produce off road modifications and equipment for off road vehicles in line with the wishes of its customers and send them to Turkey and other countries in the world via Offroad.ist.

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Some of the other companies are:

Located in Çorlu, Istanbul, BK OFFROAD is an off road equipment manufacturer established in 2005 in Istanbul. It was established with the aim of making off road vehicle applications and heavy off road modifications to its customers. Apart from Istanbul, it provides service with quality products to expand its dealers day by day. Tuning parts for all brands and models are available for off road enthusiasts. Details of the seller can be found in the Shop section of each product advertisement. You can get information about the products by clicking on the name of the shop, and you can communicate with the whatsapp buttons in the advertisements.

4x4teknocity , located in Istanbul Kadıköy, is a company established with 30 years of experience and its headquarters in Istanbul. Primarily, the store sells imported off road equipment to pickup truck off road equipment . In addition, for the last 20 years, off road vehicle conversion can be done with its off road experience and team.

Another store located in Istanbul, Cosmos Spare Parts Store, offers fast and quality service at affordable prices to its customers who closely follow its products and developments. It sends products such as body kits suitable for off-road vehicles, sports springs, headlights/stop lights, air filters, blow-offs in a fast and affordable way.

Koçkaya Automotive , located in Istanbul, is a very knowledgeable company. The company, which produces air-conditioning kits for Land Rover Defender , sells it together with Defender compatible parts such as door hinges and armrests.

Off Road Vehicle Modification in Istanbul

Off-road vehicles are special vehicles prepared for navigating in off-road conditions, that is, in difficult obstacles of nature. They are vehicles that have added features with the method called “modified”. Off road vehicle construction that requires special work can be done in Istanbul and throughout Turkey. Almost all of the craftsmen and repair shop owners who specialize in this field are experts in off-road. Moreover, they themselves take part in off-road trips and competitions.

How to Modify an Off-Road Vehicle?

For this, the first task falls to the owner of the vehicle. He has to decide what kind of vehicle he wants. In this regard, our article, which we have published in the blog section and which is updated periodically, will give you some clues about what to consider when choosing an off-road vehicle . Whatever the brand of the vehicle is, it is of great importance to examine the modified samples of that brand. While the vehicles in the off road vehicles section for sale can be an idea, the photos in the product advertisements in the store will help you decide. In addition, examples of modifications made abroad are guiding guides. Since some vehicle owners are knowledgeable and have time in this regard, they work by directing the modification works themselves. Others do not have the time and technical knowledge, so they find a master and garage who are experts in their field and deliver them to them. There are masters who have made a name for themselves in off-road vehicle construction in Istanbul .

Off Road Modified Production with the Narration of the Masters

Modification of off-road vehicles is a job that requires care and knowledge. It is imperative that these procedures, which will also make mistakes, should be carried out by experts in the field. The masters give the following information about the subject and the process they do:

Incorrect Modifications

4×4 off-road vehicles produced as standard are produced with driving characteristics in both asphalt road and off-road conditions. These features are half and half with 50%. Masters modify normal off-road vehicles, that is, apply changes and customize them to be used in completely off-road conditions. If the master does not have the necessary technical knowledge and equipment, the off-road modification work fails. The most important detail that inexperienced vehicle owners should pay attention to is not that the vehicle looks beautiful, but that it will gain physical competence. Otherwise, the person will have a vehicle that cannot easily navigate the terrain, causes problems, but looks good. This situation may also lead to dangers. Valuable masters to apply for off-road vehicle construction in Istanbul are on duty. But there is no need to look for an address and a master. Offroad.ist is a tuning marketplace that brings together all professional equipment manufacturers in Istanbul and in the country. You can get professional support about your vehicle and 4×4 equipment from the manufacturers with the whatsapp buttons in the advertisements.

One of the mistakes made during the modification process is to decorate the vehicles with unnecessary equipment. This error causes the vehicle to become unnecessarily heavy. The increase in the weight of the vehicle causes problems while cruising on the terrain. The good-looking of the vehicle is not a feature that will work in the field. Vehicle owners should pay attention to this. Another mistake is that the tires of the 4×4 off-road vehicle are thickened unaccountably. All technical parts and mechanical parts of a standard produced 4×4 are proportional to its tire thickness. When thicker tires are installed, the technical equipment of the vehicle should be made in direct proportion to this. (See Which Tire Should I Choose in the Field? ) If it is not done, the desired result will not be obtained from the modification process and the vehicle will not be efficient in field conditions. Off-road modification works are the works done to adapt the off-road vehicles to the terrain environment.

What is modified?

The process of modifying any object in its original state is called modifying. A modified object is called a “Modified Object”.

What is Vehicle Modification? What does tuning mean?

There are imported and domestically produced auto accessories and spare parts products in the car modification sector, which shines a lot in our country with the movie Fast and Furious . Although Offroad.ist is a 4×4 accessory market, there are modified and spare parts products compatible with all vehicle models. When you increase the performance or change the interior and exterior appearance of these products by installing these products on your vehicle, you will have modified your vehicle. This situation is called vehicle modification, it is called modifying the vehicle. Your vehicle will now have a modified vehicle. Tuning is the name given to the shops that have made your modification process a profession . It is generally referred to as a tuning shop or a tuning shop. (See Off Road Tuning ) Modified vehicles differ from the factory vehicles in terms of appearance or engine performance. The Peugeot 106 car you see on the street with an exaggerated exhaust is also classified as a modified vehicle, as is the Jeep Grand Cherokee XJ with a full-built upgrade kit and snorkelling. Up until recent years, tuning shops that go to buy modified parts and products or assemble the parts you buy were frequently preferred. But today, the dominance of the internet and online shopping has not only dominated the market, but also expanded the vehicle tuning and tuning industry. When we add the product variety and price competition, people’s vehicle modification habits shifted from tuning shops to online shopping and marketplaces. Instead of visiting the tuning shop and the auto shop, people are now viewing the various models of the modified part they are looking for on the internet at prices. It browses its different models, compares their prices, examines user comments, and even creates an online order with a few clicks and adds the address of the service to the shipping information. In our country, where there are a lot of domestic modified parts manufacturers, there is a lot of diversity in auto modified products. You can start modifying your vehicle with the products you can buy on Offroad.ist and arrive at your address. You can easily modify the appearance of your vehicle according to your style with stylish auto accessory products such as body kits, mudguards, spoilers or lips made of domestic or imported ABS plastic or fiberglass raw materials at affordable prices. Professional support in the modification process of your vehicle at Offroad.ist! Before or after the order, you can ask the questions that you have in mind, the assembly information to the competent person, the manufacturer of the product itself, with the whatsapp button in the product advertisements. If you can’t figure out how to assemble the product you bought, you can connect to the manufacturer via whatsapp, get the installation recipe or show it to your master easily.

Why are vehicles modified?

Modified in the Supply of Spare Parts After the Accident

Today, the prices of imported spare parts products are quite high. The masters, who make the same product exactly as the factory, with their craftsmanship and humanity, sell these products or different model options that are not even produced in the factory, at almost 1/3 the price. If you have already had a traffic accident and the cost of the parts required for the repair of your vehicle is quite high, it would be useful to take a look at the body kit options sold by the modified tuning shops. Because vehicle modification and parts production is highly developed in our country. For example, almost all exterior body parts of Land Rover Defender vehicles are produced by the modified tuning shops on Offroad.ist, and these products are sent to tens of countries together with our country.

Vehicle Modification for Eyestrain, Ordinary or Alteration Purpose

When vehicle models continue to be produced by factories for many years, albeit by renewing the chassis, the original exterior appearance of the vehicle, which reflects the style of the models, becomes ordinary in the human eye, and the event we call vehicle modification with vehicle tuning shops comes into play. Vehicle modified parts such as spoilers, lip, bumper attachment and body kit, which enable us to make cost-effective changes to the interior and exterior appearance of the vehicles with light materials, are generally easily mounted with simple techniques such as tightening the vehicle’s hood without drilling it with a self-tapping screw, double-sided tape or sticking with silicone. The prices of the modified parts, where imported and domestic options are quite abundant, are quite affordable compared to the original vehicle parts. Unfortunately, not every product is available for every vehicle. The variety of vehicle modified parts is directly proportional to the usage rate of the vehicle model in our country.

Modification and Tuning in Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road accessory for 4×4, that is, 4-wheel drive system, SUV class off-road vehicles, equipment that helps to increase the traction performance of the vehicle in nature, off-road trips or off-road races; off-road modification to the 4×4 modification application made with these equipments; The businesses that sell these equipment are called off-road stores . Offroad.ist sells more than 7000 products from more than 350 stores that manufacture, import or retail equipment for off-road vehicles. You can visit the best 4×4 tuning shops in Turkey with a few clicks at Offroad.ist, the off-road vehicle tuning center of Turkey, you can view all their products, and you can instantly contact with the whatsapp button in the advertisement for the product you like. Offroad.ist has distinguished 4×4 tuning shops such as Fırat Tuning, Stage Tuning, Kerimoğlu Tuning Vendor Tuning, which have become brands in our country with the vehicle modified parts they produce. You can view the products of these stores on the store pages, and you can contact with the whatsapp buttons.

Fırat Tuning, Kerimoğlu Tuning and Coşkun Off-Road manufacturers are among the tuning shops on Offroad.ist. They produce off-road modified parts that are compatible with middle class pickup and off-road vehicles, which are generally popular in Turkey. It is also included in the off-road modification and tuning class in the off-road category. fender mounts upgrade kits , snorkel door and glass protection grilles , vehicle tent and off-road vehicles and camping equipment such as roof-top carrier basket systems . Dodiks, which are among the off-road modified materials , inflate the mudguards and provide a tough appearance to the vehicle, as well as protect the body of your vehicle against impacts that may occur during off-road. Upgrade options are divided into kits, get upgrade options, coupe and chassis upgrades. Door guards are made of abs plastic or fiber glass guards are made of metal grilles. The feet sent next to the glass guards are glued to the glass with silicone and mounted with the guards on the feet and can be removed when desired, while the dodik side cladding and body guards can be easily mounted by sticking. Vehicle-mounted tent models are closing the old tent era, and a clean and safe camping life away from the soil is enjoyed without fear of pests. Roof top carrier systems, which are the most frequently applied in off-road vehicle modification applications, are divided into three as roof baskets, roof rack options and intermediate undercarriage solutions. Roof rack type load carrying equipment consists of plastic products that can be opened, closed and locked. Ceiling baskets offer a place where you can tie your skis and put your bike on it. Intermediate scarves , on the other hand, are mounted between your roof rails in cases where you need to carry a tent or heavier loads on the vehicle roof, balancing the load and preventing accidents such as the roof collapsing or the load being thrown off you while driving. In vehicles such as the X-Class L200 Amarok and Hilux, which are in the pickup class where demand has increased recently, fender pads and side coatings are preferred by drivers for off-road appearance even in 4×2 pickup trucks. In fact, apart from the drivers, the number of galleries that buy standard 4×4 off-road vehicles and make off-road modifications and then sell the vehicle has increased in our country. The number of galleries that sell more profitable vehicles after the parts and equipment they buy from tuning shops or the parts and equipment they order from the internet and the modifications they apply to the vehicles is not small at all.

Featured Vehicle Modification and Tuning Stores on Offroad.ist

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