Dacia Duster Glass Protection Grille


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Dacia Duster glass grille Protect your car windows against impacts with. Duster glass protection consists of 2 pieces and is sent to your address with a price of 400 TL. The product is 1.50 mm black black cut and painted. The assembly of the product is carried out by bonding the feet sent with Dayson Silicone to the glass. Shipping costs are an average of 20 TL domestically. Dacia Duster window protection for the 2 lenses on the back section and shown in the photos. You can send a message for any questions you have in mind. Compatible with all models of Dacia Duster off-road vehicles.

Duster Glass Protection Installation Video


Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 8 kg
Boyutlar 80 × 80 × 20 cm


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