Land Rover Defender Window Protection Grille Set


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Land Rover Defender Window Protection Grill Set is BK offroad design and is produced with a guarantee. It serves to protect the windows located at the rear of Land Rover Defender off-road vehicles against damage that may occur during off-road driving. Land Rover Defender Windshield Protection Grille Set is easily installed from your feet with dayson without drilling your vehicle. The feet required for the assembly process are sent in the package. Land Rover Defender Glass Protection Grille Set consists of 5 pieces in total, 3 pieces at the rear, left and rear, and is sent to all over Turkey by contracted cargo upon order. The shipping fee is paid by the buyer and it costs between 20-30 TL for the domestic market on average.

Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 10 kg
Boyutlar 120 × 120 × 35 cm


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