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Easy Ad Panel

How to open a store in

  • Fill in the sections in the My Shop section and selected with a red frame. Enter your store name and choose a store category. There are 3 types of membership in the seller type section. If you cannot make an invoice and do not have a company, you can mark the Individual Seller and sell via If you are a company, you can choose sole proprietorship or limited liability company options. Then, enter the ID number and IBAN information of the account number to which the order fees will be sent in the lower section. You may encounter an Invalid IBAN error, which is shown in the picture, in the entry of IBAN information. If you have marked an individual seller, the name in the My Profile section must match the TR ID number in the My Shop section and the IBAN number of the bank account to which your order payments will be sent. Companies should enter the tax number and tax office information in this section. Then, enter a brief description of the products and services your store sells in the Description section at the bottom. Click the SAVE CHANGES option at the bottom. Congratulations your store has been created. Now it’s time to add a product flyer

  • My account Login to the section My shop We click on the section. We click on the Items option under the My Store section and click on the item in the picture below. Add We choose the option.
  • Type a name for your product listing in the Name section. For example L200 Snorkel
  • You can add as many pictures as you want to your posting by clicking the + sign next to the Picture section under the Name section. Located on the left The marked section is used to determine the Main Visual for your advertisement. The photo you set appears on the product category pages and in the store. The photos you added with the + sign from the image section will be displayed when you click into the ad.
  • Choose a category suitable for your product advertisement from the category section. If there is no suitable category for your product, you can choose any category. Our editor friends will add the non-category to the system.
  • Normal Price section is the section where you will determine the price of your product advertisement. Price entry can only be made with numbers.
  • You can use the Discounted Price section on your campaign products. You can publish the price of a product with a discounted price of 800 lira as 1000 in the Normal price section and write 800 in the discounted price section at the bottom, and publish it as 800 current price with 1000 lira crossed out on the site, so you can attract attention by taking place on the discount products page.
  • You need to enter the number of products you have in the stock section. For example: 5
  • You can determine the unit of the product you sell by clicking on the unit section. For example, you can make your choice such as SET or Quantity.
  • The status section is used to provide information about the status of the product. Zero or 2 from the status section. You can choose the hand option.
  • You can choose which brand of vehicles the product is compatible with through the Compatible Brand Model section. If the product you add is compatible with all vehicles, you can leave this option blank or select any option. Our editors will make the necessary arrangements during the approval process.
  • You need to write detailed information about the product in the Description section at the bottom. Providing a detailed explanation about the usage area of the product, its assembly, cons or pros will cause the product to be sold quickly and will save you from unnecessary questions. You can also add YouTube video links in the description section.
  • After filling in all the fields, we click the SEND FOR REVIEW option at the bottom and complete our ad entry. When your ad is approved, you will be informed by e-mail.