Suzuki Vitara Glass Guard, Door Guard, Bonnet Guard

Suzuki Vitara Glass Guard It is 1.5 mm CNC cut and it is our own production. Vitara Glass Protection Grille helps to protect your vehicle’s windows from damage during offroad driving. Vitara Glass protection consists of 2 pieces as right and left rear glass grille.The price is 350 lira.

Suzuki Vitara Bonnet Guard It consists of 1 piece seen in the photos. It mounts on your bonnet. It is used to protect your vehicle against damage to the hood section. The price is 150 lira.

Suzuki Vitara Door Guard It consists of 2 parts. It is installed in the lower parts of the door windows. It helps to protect your vehicle against damage to your door. Its price is 250 liras.

Glass Protection + Bonnet Protection + Door Protection in a package consists of 5 pieces as a full set. The price of the campaign in a set is 650 lira. You can make your selection from the “Options” section in the ad, and place an order.

For all terrain vehicles off road windshield protection We manufacture products. To see other glass protection products available in our store click . You can send a message for detailed information.