Grand Cherokee ZJ Side Window Guard Grille

Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ glass grille It is used to protect the windows of your vehicle from future impacts while offroad. The product is shipped with 1.50 mm black black cut and black painted. The assembly of the product is done by gluing the feet sent in the package with Dayson silicone without drilling the tool. ZJ glass protection It provides an aggressive and pleasant look to your vehicle with the Jeep logo. Jeep ZJ rear side window protection a consists of 2 parts as grilles for right and left rear windows. You can send a message for any questions you have in mind. 550 lira is the price of the team. Shipped as 2 rear side window grilles.

In addition, the piece under the protection of the glass seen in the photos Body Protection Iron as right and left set 800 TL The single glass at the rear 500 TL

You can also order as Body Protection Iron from the Options section in the advertisement.

Yayınlandı: 17 December 2019