Glass Cab and Fullbox Rear Trunk Opening Arm Suitable for All Pick-up Vehicles

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For pick ups and vans trunk fullbox glass cabin opening / closing handle cabin lock mechanism It is sent to your address from the manufacturer for a short period of time with a price of 175 TL including shipping. Compatible with all glass cabin or fullbox vans cabin lock . Keyed, lock and release lever. Hilux , L200 , Amarok , Isuzu , Nissan and more compatible with the cabinet lock, it is sent with 2 keys. It is a standard piece. It is compatible with cabin, glass cabin and fullbox equipment of all-terrain vehicles belonging to the pick-up truck group. Telephone Whatsapp: 05334005648

The chrome in the photographs is also available in black.

Cabinet fullbox cover lock usage video.

Yayınlandı: 26 January 2020