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With the ParsCampers Portable In-Vehicle Heater Webasto, you can heat your car, your car tent area or your camping tent in nature. In-car heater webasto ParsCampers It turns your camping areas and vehicles into a warm environment with a 5 liter diesel fuel tank, 120 degrees heat outlet temperature and an average consumption of 0.18 liters per hour. ParsCampers Vehicle Heater Portable version of WEBASTO was designed as. Inside webasto 2000 stc available. If we assume that it works continuously with this tank with a 5.5 liter tank, it works for 30 hours. However, thanks to the wireless thermostat added to the product, this time is more than 3 times longer. Wireless thermostat provides both comfort and economy to the user. Worldwide for 2 years Webasto ParsCampers has a wireless digital thermostat and compact ergonomic design. ParsCampers in-car heater is a new product. Portable offroad car heater provides low cost heating in your camping area. It works with diesel, ie diesel. All shipping is done on the same day Turkey.
Pars Camper H1 Strength at Heart World Giant German Webasto Takes from

Pars Camper H1 Worldwide
2 Year Webasto Warranty It is under …

Pars Camper H1 is an Authorized Webasto Dealer.

With You in Your Tent, Caravan and Boat

Pars Camper H1
It offers you the warmth of your home in the comfort of your home in your tent, caravan, boat and summer house….



Thanks to the Wireless Thermostat, You Can Adjust the Ambient Temperature With One Touch While You Are Inside Your Tent …


Portable Compact Design



Voltage 10.5v – 16v DC

Fuel Diesel EN590

Fuel Capacity 5.5 L



Temperature 0.9 – 2KW

Consumption 0.12 – 0.24 l / h






Weight 9.1 Kg

Yayınlandı: October 9, 2019


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