Suzuki Jimny Side Window Grille, Rear Window and Door Guard

Suzuki Jimny glass grill It helps to protect your windows against impacts to your vehicle. Jimny side window protection grille It comes to your door with a price of 500 TL. Jimny side window grill The set consists of 2 pieces. In addition, the Jimny rear window protection price is 300 TL. Suzuki Jimny Door Protection is sent to your address for 700 TL. You can order all 5 pieces in a package with a discount price of 1400 TL. You can order piece by piece or as a set by clicking the “Make a Selection” section in the advertisement. The assembly process of the product is achieved without any drilling by adhering the legs sent in the package with silicone dayson. You can send a message for any questions you have in mind.

Suzuki Jimny Side Window Protection 500 TL (2 Pieces)
Suzuki Jimny Rear Window Guard 300 TL (1 Piece)
Suzuki Jimny Door Guard 700 TL (2 Pieces)

Suzuki Jimny Protection Kit Complete 1400 TL (5 Pieces)

Yayınlandı: December 17, 2019


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