Mitsubishi L-200 Glass Protection Grille

Off-Road L-200 side window Off-Road protection The grille is suitable for Mitsubishi L-200 off-road vehicles and it is used to protect the windows in the Off-Road cabin at the rear. Right, left 2 pieces, which will be sent to your address L-200 glass grill It is a BK Offroad design and is shipped in black painted. We can write a special article on request. The extra writing fee for the grid on the L-200 glass protection is 100 lira. You can make your selection from the “Options” section in the advertisement, and specify the text you want in the order note. Off road accessory in the category and off road windshield protection among the products L-200 cabin glass grille The product named is sent to your address with a price of 600 TL. The shipping fee belongs to the buyer and it costs between 20-30 TL on average within the country. You can send a message for any questions you have in mind.



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