Jeep Cherokee XJ Windshield Guard and Fender Guard

Off-Road Jeep Cherokee Off-Road XJ Rear Window Grille, Side Window Guard and Off-Road Fender Off-Road Protection product is zero and protects your vehicle’s windows and fender section in situations such as tilting to the left and right during offroad driving. XJ Rear window side grille It consists of 2 pieces and the price is 500 lira. Cherokee XJ rear trunk glass protection It consists of 1 piece and its price is 400 lira. XJ Fender protection consists of 2 pieces and costs 700 liras. Cherokee XJ rear window protection grid + side window guard grilles + fender guards with 5 pieces and the price is 1500 lira as a set. You can make your choice and place an order by clicking the “Make a Selection” section in the advertisement. The products are the original BK offroad design and are sent in black painted. The assembly process of the product is done without any drilling by adhering with Dayson silicone with the feet sent in the package. You can make your selection from the “Options” section in the ad, and place an order.

Jeep Cherokee XJ Protection Kit 1500 TL (5 Pieces)

Jeep Cherokee XJ Side Window Protection Set 500 TL (2 pieces right and left rear windows)
Jeep Cherokee XJ Rear Window Protection 400 TL (1 Piece Rear Window)
Jeep Cherokee XJ Fender Guards 700 TL (2 pieces for right and left fenders)


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